Estero Bay United Methodist Church
Morro Bay, California

About Estero Bay United Methodist Church
Estero Bay United Methodist Church is an open and welcoming community of faith.  We are a connectional church as we are part of the California- Pacific Annual Conference ( of the United Methodist Church (
Five Decades - - and Counting...
In 1957 Rev. Wm. F. Oglesby "walked" the circuit and held a worship service for the Methodist Church at the Odd Fellows Hall located at the corner of Harbor and Piney Way in Morro Bay, California. This service eventually became the Estero Bay United Methodist Church.  The ladies formed the Women's Society of Christian Service, which is now known as the United Methodist Women.  Six acres of a dairy farm were then purchased in north Morro Bay.  The Rev. Rex Britt saw to the building of a church, the formation of fellowship groups for young families, and the formation of the Methodist Youth Fellowship.

​The Rev. Bill Black, Rev. Verne Cooney, Rev. Dr. Dudley John and Rev. Robert McCullagh served as pastors where monthly potluck dinners, mission programs, and Vacation Bible School were held.

The third decade, with Rev. Thomas Dillard at the helm, saw the breezeway enclosed and a nursery/classroom added.  Rev. Dr. Harald Frey came in the fourth decade.  The sanctuary was enlarged to accommodate the growing choir, the piano and organ.  During Rev. John Wood's tenure a new PA system was added and Head Start found a home at our church.  Rev. Robert Morley brought enthusiasm and Sunday afternoon concerts "on the green" for the community.

The fifth decade, with the appointment of Rev, Steve Islander, brought the Estero Community Garden and Sierra Service Project ministries.  The EBUMC preschool and after school programs were given birth.  We celebrated our 50th Anniversary on April 13, 2008 with the installation of the Peace Pole;  the then Bishop Mary Ann Swenson honored us with the message.

The church has visions for the future with a move of our growing children's programs to the church campus, focus on the hungry in our community, and showing God's love for all people. As someone has said "you bring your own weather to the picnic."

COME and SEE! 

And continuing on to the next decade.......
In 2008 our church welcomed Pastor Paula Hulet bringing with her great leadership, faith
and enthusiasm.

Our Children's Center and Preschool Modular buildings were completed in 2014 on our property adjacent to the church and we now have 75 preschoolers in attendance and 40 children in the after school program.

Pastor Paula, our church and Cambria residents began the driving force to create the "Cambria Dinner Fellowship", weekly Tuesday evening dinner meetings which continue to progress and focus on educational and social issues twice a month.

We provide assistance for the Vet's Hall Dinner Community Program serving home-cooked
dinners for 90-100 local people in need six times a year. 

Our church continues to focus on ministries, serving our community and increasing our discipleship through our Pastor, members and friends.